poniedziałek, 22 października 2012

Street artists of Bergen (will be updated)

I don`t know the name of this group, but you can listen to them performing almost every day during the summertime, i.e. June-early September. I work nearby and hear them playing their Peruvian music all day long, the same songs over and over again, in the same order. It`s like listening to the same CD 8 hrs a day, every day, for 3 or 4 months...  But they are good at what they do and they know how to entertain people.

They also sell some pretty hand-made Indian stuff and CD`s.

This guy is perfect. Sometimes people don`t even notice that he is not a real statue and get scared, which is quite funny :) I admire him, because sometimes I see him standing like this for several hours. He only makes short breaks.

This man paints with sprays only. His work is really interesting and he usually manages to get pretty numerous audience.

I really like these two! They play a thousand instruments and sing very well, usually something like Johnny Cash :)

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