piątek, 18 maja 2012

Bergen aquarium, February 2012

Bergen Aquarium is home to numerous animals. It`s advertising slogan reads "Meet the locals", but many of the animals, like the crocodile, monkeys or tropical spiders are the locals only because they live in this aquarium. Although quite expensive (as far as I remember about 150 NOK), it is a good place to visit with kids. If you walk slowly and spend a few minutes watching most of the animals, you will probably spend about 2 hours there. If you decide to go for a 3D movie to the cinema in the aquarium, it will take longer. Don`t forget to buy 3D glasses before your visit, as they are pretty dear in the aquarium and you cannot just borrow them. To get there, take bus number 11 from the city centre, take a ferry from Bryggen (about 5 minutes) or just walk (about 20 minutes). 

The seals will have a company of sea lions in the summer of 2012.

The tunnel, from which you can watch fish and sharks swimming above you is probably the aquarium`s biggest attraction!

The lovely "smiling fish" stole my heart! :)

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